Sunday, January 15, 2017

STaR - Ten Bridges Run 27.3ks

Second week on the spin with the Striders STaR team with the only difference being Razor Wareham replacing C.Low.
Met us with Renaud, C.T, Leech and one young lady Eleanor (80 min half) who the Leech was keeping an eye on plus a couple of others that I didn't know, out Lane Cove way for the 10 Bridges run that seemed to take us over half of Sydney. Very sticky again and with a tough first 3ks  we past through Wollstonecraft and I was sweating early doors. By the time we crossed the Harbour Bridge at 8ks I knew I was struggling and would be in for one hell of a tough morning.  Through Pyrmont beside the fish market and then over ANZAC bridge was next up and whilst the boys were counting down the bridges I was counting the water bubblers and where/when the next one was coming.
Iron Cove came and went in a blur as we headed to Gladesville and just as I asked the Leech how far we had done on 1hr40min I was a broken man at the 22k marker. Got dropped on the climb up and by the time I was descending the boys were out of sight. Totally disorientated coming off the bridge I missed my turning and found I was back up on the other side heading back into the city... nightmare.
Got out the trusty map I collected at the start only to find I had picked up the 10k version that was to prove as much use as an astray on a motorbike as I was in struggle street.
Walked/Run aimlessly before two fellow Striders came to my aid as we then saw out the final 4ks together. Reckon it must have taken me the best part of 50 minutes to complete the final 6ks and by the time I had returned the boys were finished and no doubt tucking into the Sunday bacon and eggs.
If I thought last weeks run was hard this was twice as difficult especially with the heat and over a 700m elevation. Still another one banked, and should be happy with the 22ks at 4.45 pace before I actually bonked.

Well earned rest day tomorrow as I feel physically and mental shattered at the moment.


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