Monday, January 2, 2017

More Holiday Training

New Years Eve -  Kamay Park Run 18.58
Headed out to La Perouse for a NEW Park Run that has been added to the ever growing list. Not sure why its called Kamay when its in La Pa but I'm sure its to do with the Indigenous locals so we'll go with that?
Felt terrible even before the off and in truth it was a bloody stupid idea to run, but seeing I made the effort to make the start line I thought I'd give it a go. A smaller crowd with perhaps only about 90 starters and apart from 'Robbo' I didn't really know anyone else.  Course is a 2 lapper and I just settled in with Robbo for the first of the two laps with the front two runners about 50m ahead. Was pretty much struggling as early as the end of the first lap (although you wouldn't know it by the photo), but on the first climb for the 2nd loop Robbo just broke away and I was cactus once that happened.
Really just laboured for the best part of 2k to basically crawl over the line with a time of 18.58 in 4th overall.

Some pics from the morning.
Robbo and I hamming it up early on the first loop.
Even leading him around as we head out for the 2nd loop.
Didn't last for much longer though.
Don't know why I do these tough Park runs with massive hills ?
Course is FULL of hills

Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017 - 4 x 2k Centennial Park
After a massive 2 days to see in the New Year I was back out with Birchy in the park for 4 x 2k reps that I was dreading from the start. Did a session on the bike beforehand and the aim of today was just to survive.
I have a good course marked out but the first 500m sees a nasty climb before levelling out before getting the downhill back to end each rep. Obviously just the two of us meant neither had much help whilst running and by the 1k mark I was hurting. Crossed out holding 3.39s for a 7.18 finish.
Second rep was slightly faster and somehow held the 3rd to a similar time as the first.
For the 4th I took the easier option and decided to keep Birchy company as he was happy to hold 4 min/ks
Times for the day. 7.18, 7.14, 7.17, 8.02

Caught up with Kanser once done who joined Birchy and I for coffees and the old boy is looking pretty lean as all roads lead to Tokyo. Still think he'll be doing well to break 3 hrs but fair play to him.

Been saying it all Xmas but these sessions are getting tougher, not helped with the constant alcohol intake over the past fortnight. Thinking it may be time for a 'Dry Spell' until early March and try to lift the level of fitness till then?

Been so busy lately but the 2017 predictions will be coming before the end of the week


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