Monday, January 23, 2017

Heat Halts Play.

Whilst the excessive heat continues so does the early Tuesday 6am  morning sessions, and this morning Enda, Birchy and I were joined by a new slimmed down Dave Kane, I think he's shifted the Kgs over to old Gleeso judging by photos received overnight.
Although with us all at different stages of our training we were never going to be running together for long. Birchy and I decided on full laps of the park (3.7ks) Kanser knocking out 3k reps whilst The Honest Irishman was doing all sorts of different reps (?)
Started out strong with Enda running alongside for 2 mins (before he dropped off) as I settled in doing 3.35 pace , pretty much held for 3ks before I felt the pace drop slightly for the tougher final section of the effort. Full loop completed in 13.20 averaging 3.37s but knew then that I'd be doing well to get anywhere near that the 2nd time around.
A break whilst I waited for Birchy all the while hoping to see Enda to help me out (all to no avail) before we were gone again. I got to about 750m in and sweating buckets with the mouth very dry I knew I was goneski. Made the quick decision to then back off and try to help Birchy out by holding a steady 4.05 pace. He was struggling as much as I was but fair play to the lad he dug deep and saw it out as we crossed in 14.58 averaging 4.04s
Worked beckoned that prevented a 3rd lap although did do an extra 6ks albeit probably no faster than 6.50 per/k pace that suited me just fine.
Warm up with Enda included I was good for 15ks for the morning.
These sessions are tough enough at the best of times, but when you factor in over 30 degrees as early as 6am then its a killer. Don't ask me how people can get out in the mid day heat with temps hitting over 35..... I think it's just bonkers to be honest.

Headed down to PAP later in the morning and the pool was the perfect place to be. A smaller set done and was happy to get a swift 1800m knocked out.


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