Saturday, January 7, 2017

STaR Long run 27ks

Out for my first decent long run of the year, in fact it was the longest I've done for months and apart from the New York Marathon I can't remember doing anything over 25ks for the best part of 6 months.
Decided to head over to do the Striders STaR run that was starting at Woolwich Pier and along with C.T, Leech, Renaud, Champagne Charlie, Jac we were soon on the way with Keith 'Buzz' and Chris Jackson also close by.
Its not a STaR run if you don't get lost about a dozen times and as early as about 3ks we were taking the wrong route as we headed up through Hunters Hill. A good deal of trail running soon followed that was the first test even if the pace was kept relatively easy. Down onto Scribbles that is part of the Striders Lane Cove 10k races that was a nice relief on familiar ground before we really did get lost on the next section of trail. Seemed to be going around in circles as we headed up to 20ks and at this point I was starting to feel the effects of no long runs.
A quick water stop at the garage and Charlie proved to come good when he came out with much needed Coke, got going again soon after but really seemed to labour home for the best part of 5ks.
The GPS packed in at 24ks, and had to rely on the Leech to give me the info that we covered 27.5ks in 2hrs;14 mins for the morning averaging 4.56s
Certainly not the quickest but when you take in the hills and trails (not to mention the stop/starts for getting lost) I was more than happy to spend that long on my feet.
Wrecked at the end though and whilst the rest of the team went for a nearby dip in the water, I could only muster spreading my large frame on the ground whilst getting the cokes and lollies into me.
Finally recovered before shouting the guys a morning coffee in the up market Woolwich area.
As tough as it was I really enjoyed and will be doing more of these STaR runs throughout the summer months.

Need to kick start the training again this week so will be back running on Tuesday and have a swim lined up for Monday

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