Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Un Australian by Militant Mikey

More ks running this morning to get the weekly mileage up and after an easy flat lap( 3.7k) with a client at 5.12 per/k, i then did a further 2 at a solid pace to end up with just over 11ks for the session.
Very hot and sticky again and the humidity was sky high once more as i was pouring sweat even during the easy lap.
Lunchtime swim was on the cards again so cycled into town, and after a good warm up with Mikey for 700m there was a big crowd with Pete Walker a few more fast guys, then MrAce, Mikey, Enda and I  and a few of Mikey's work colleagues for the 6 x 200s (20 second break after each), and 8 x 100s.
As always i never feel that great in the pool but my times are actually OK, with all 6 of the 200s on sub 3.20 (quickest 3.09), both Enda and i were looking forward to a break at the completion of the 6th when Militant Mikey informs us "straight into the 100s we go" , A few raised eyebrows as we both looked at one another and told Mikey it was so Un Australian not to give us the required break. He's only been back for two weeks now and we are already talking of kicking him out the slow lane.
I sat out 2 of the 100s before rejoining for the final 6 - tough old session but again the times were OK with the slowest at 1.39
2.5ks all up for the day.
On a sad note, - sorry to report there was NO Andy Heyden there today after suffering 3rd degree burns last Friday trying to get back to his office after his 75 metre swim. He has had to return to England and the cooler climate and wont be seen back till July. On the plus side his swimming bench has been replaced by one set up by a local in the park close to his home, and Andy can be seen as happy as Larry sitting watching the world go by.

Andy Heyden after swapping the bench at Boy Charlton for his local park back home in the U.K

Today's Berlin Buddy is non other then the man himself, Enda

Enda Rupert Stankard - Aka, Echinacea, Mr Excuse, King of the Blarney, Mr VO2 Max.
Well where does one start with my mate Enda? I have reported on various members now, and how many have there finer qualities but i must say overall Enda and I bounce of one another pretty well as we both get each others banter (he has to really after all the sh!te that is written about him on this blog)
Enda is King of the Excuses within the HuRTS team and could write a best seller with some of the ones he has used over the past few years, He has had his cold/flu since it seems the end of the Potato Famine in the 1840s over in his homeland, hence his nickname Echinacea.  If Kanser is mentally fragile over the Marathon, and Mikey is scarred about running a sub 35 then Enda is at breakdown point on how to beat Young Timmy over the 21ks - I have nearly paid my mortgage off over the years with winning bets from him over this distance.
Was once seen as Ireland's great white hope in the Triathlons, but mate POD soon put paid to that and the Leech (Eoin) has seen him fall even further down the ladder. so he has now retired and is keen to redeem himself back running  in Berlin against another of his Nemesis David Kane.
Enda does have loads of talent mind you, and occasionally can pull a good race together as he often does for the J.P Morgan, and is always around the 50 minute mark for the City to Surf, His claim to fame though was last year in the Melbourne Ironman when all went to plan and he raced his way around the 42ks with a very impressive 3.06 (even beating Champagne Charlie's time)
Never more dangerous in races then when he is talking it down weeks prior to the event saying he hasn't trained, not slept and working 25 hours a day - I don't fall for it anymore as his best races are when this actually happens.
On the social side of things there is nobody better in the camp then this guy, always brings his best Bullsh!t out with him every time we go out to drink and a great night is always guaranteed.
Loves to put one over us Poor English (but very seldom happens) and as captain of the Irish team will be looking at all underhand tactics again in trying to get back the Churchill / Sands trophy come May.
In Berlin this guy is more then capable of breaking 2.43 but will need to get his head right and try to rid himself of that cold he's had since 1993.
Not only has Enda talent he also has the 'Biggest Vo2 Max' within the group - that he will happily tell you all about, pity he doesn't have the Heart of Phar Lap...... although someone once said he does have the 'Head of Phar Lap'

Enda leading fellow Berlin Guy Rene around the Half last year (50 metres after this photo was taken.....he blew up )

Enda with his BANNED illegal swim Suit at the Biathlon trying to gain an advantage over Rich P. - the SHAME.

Easy money - taking yet another $50 from him sans Gold Coast
Already getting kitted out for a night in Munich.

And how he normally finishes his sessions after trying to hang on the rest of the team. Seen here this could be after ANY Rushcutters session.

.... and finally - How it all begun :)

Next Up - Rene

Have a massive party planned for Australia Day on Saturday so it will mean that i need to get out early Sat to do my long run, will try to catch up with the boys to help tick off some of the ks.

Have a great Australia Day all, Enjoy the Long weekend
Stay Safe


  1. Its was actually 3.05 at Melbourne

  2. Just keep an eye over your shoulder if you plan on running a similar time in Berlin, as Greta or even Elvis the Taxi Man may have you for the taking :)
    BTW - Rumour was it was measured short for your 3.05 anyway

  3. At this rate, I'll have both of you at Berlin.