Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Never Got Going - 4 x 2ks reps

With the constant texts and messages coming in throughout the evening from the Bureau of Meteorology Man 'Flakey' warning me that temps were due to be above 30 degrees for the day i thought i best get out early and do the session rather then submit myself to the heat at lunchtime, even if it meant i had to do it solo.
4 x 2ks reps were on the cards today and after a 1500m warm up i was ready to go, Weather was already warm (Flake tells me humidity over 85%) as i took off on the 1st rep. The start of each one sees me climb a gradual hill for the first 500m meaning the first 1k is always a little slower and hopefully get it back on the second half. Legs felt heavy after 3 solid days but was already alarmed when i saw a 3.52 first k done, as hoped i brought it home OK but with a sluggish time of 7.25 i knew i was in trouble.
Second one was a little quicker before the dreaded 3 rep that i always struggle on even at the best of times that saw the time drift out in a big way. I just never seemed to get going this morning and in the end for the 4th rep it was more of a tempo run - although in truth i don't think i could have gone any quicker.
Times for the day were a disappointing;
7.25(3.42s), 7.22(3.41s), 7.36(3.48s) and 7.40(3.50)
Not the set i was looking for but that was the 4th day straight and 70ks for the week now and as 'The Knowledge of Kane' pointed out yesterday that it may take 3 weeks or more before i see any improvement or progress with my running - I'll take his word on that one :)

Going to be even warmer tomorrow so might take the chance to rest up and just get out on the bike early before hitting the A.B.C Pool at lunch with the team.

Well after writing about #1 Tucks yesterday the obvious choice in the line would have to be 'The Chairman Tom as he is always close to him in races (remember the 8 second rule)
So today its;
Tom Highnam ( aka, The Chairman, Tommy H).
If i mentioned yesterday that Tucks never runs a bad race then Tommy H is in the same bracket, Mr 110% and is the linchpin of the HuRTS hierarchy (...hang on, Mikey's on the phone to me already on that one). Run some superb races over the years and in my eyes non better then his two marathons he has done especially his 2.34 at the Gold Coast last year, Despite that quality run i still think he can go better in Berlin and a 2.30 in not out of the question. Maybe needs to pay a visit to the Marathon Guru Kanser for a bit of advise on that score. Even with his times over the years he has yet still to win anything at the HuRTS end of season awards as someone always seems to pop up towards the end of the year to pip him at the post for the major trophies.
The HuRTS team is big in numbers these days on the running front but Tommy H is one of half a dozen of us that will always be out at all the social events on the calendar and is normally the last to leave (*** Last years presentation night excluded)
Hopefully this year will also see him lose his floaties and be able to swim the 300 metres needed in the biathlon to be able to compete with the big guns. As with Tucks with his Pool playing - Tom's swimming is pretty much on the same par.............Bloody Rubbish :)

Tom in action at the J.P Morgan on his way to 4th place.

How many of the HuRTs team view 'The Chairman'

.... and the Old Favorite, and no his old flame is not a patch on Kirst if you ask me :)

Next Up - Macca McClarnon


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