Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh No, No, No, No, No !

...Well that's not what i was looking for.
Bypassed the arduous and laborious HuRTS 45 minute Tempo session that was on the cards once again (seems to be on every week these days) in favour of doing my own speed work.  Wanted to do the 8 x 1k reps i have worked out in Centennial going to and from the cafe.
Even at 6.15am this morning it was warm and the humidity was very uncomfortable, not sure what it was as Flake's B.O.M report still hasn't been filed for the day at the time of writing. I was sweating even cycling over to the park (although that may have been just the thought of having to do 1k reps) Worked the first one and time was down a little but wasn't to concerned as it was still early days, although even after the 2nd i was sweating buckets. Got to the first 4 and  all were done at the same time (at least i was consistent) before i lost it slightly on the next couple. Had those dreaded thoughts at pulling the pin after number 6 but hung in there and completed the 8.
Disappointed with the times and session ( seems to be a common theme these days) , although the only positives i can take from it was (1) I got through it and (2) I worked off shorter breaks only 60 seconds between each except for the final 2 where i drifted out to 90 :)

I was fishing for a few bets from the Chairman yesterday for the upcoming Striders 10k at Homebush next weekend. Now, Tommy H used to be the fairest man within the team to get a bet on and our bets were always won or lost by a second or two either way. But his latest offer (on handicap ) where he offered me a 3 minute start is just outrageous. So on that bases and the way i am running Tom will have to only run a 35.30 to beat me ................Please, Tom Spare Me. the way i am going at the moment even a 90 second start from Enda wouldn't be enough in my present state. In fact it's that bad i might even have to ask Elvis (the taxi man) for an advantage :)

Still I'll battle on...........