Friday, January 25, 2013

Battling the Heat

Battling Enda, fitness and lack of form is one thing but trying to battle against the heat and Humidity that continues here in Sydney is another thing.
Work commitments early meant that i missed catching up with the boys at any stage this morning and didn't arrive in the park till 9.30am and in turn meant i was forced to run solo as well as run in the higher temps. Restricted for time i knew i had no chance of getting my 25ks in, so decided again on my 3 x 6k Woollahra Hill loops for the 2nd time this week. As a compromise for the shorter distance i thought i would try to pick the pace up on each lap. Went out harder on the first and was happy to cover the lap at 4.21 pace, then kicked it down further on the 2nd managing 4.16 pace. Could have well stopped then but squeezed in a 3rd although the pace dropped a fair bit as i was cooked by this stage of the morning.
Lap Times were: 26.09 @ 4.21 pace
                            25.41 @ 4.16
                            26.48 @ 4.28
Managed to set a new PB for the morning mind as i reckon i stopped for a record 9 times at the bubblers set around the park (actually make that 10 as i even set off then went back on one of them) It really was a case of just getting from one to the other this morning (about 2ks) .
Still another 18ks done, not the 25 i was looking for but still a solid 80 odd for the week so i should be happy with that.
Lets just pray its not as humid this time next Saturday or Tommy H will be about 10 minutes in front of me at the Striders race
Busy week ahead, although will cut right back after the Midweek Wednesday run in order to freshen up a little for the first race of the year on the Saturday.

A big Aussie Day party now around my Irish mates house so NO activity scheduled for tomorrow and even Monday could be in doubt already as these parties are well known for going for a longer duration then Enda's colds :)
Will hold off on Berlin Bound Rene until the next entry, as i am short of time as well as i need to find a little more dirt on the squeaky clean guy :)

Whilst i was sweating my b&!!s off here this morning, my mate sent me this from our street back home overnight and minus 4 degrees :)
Have a great Aussie Day

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