Sunday, January 20, 2013

Slowly getting the feel back.

Into the start of week 3 of the program and after a busy beginning with work i managed to squeeze in 11.4ks of running early doors in 50.28 average pace of 4.35s (then had to run another 6ks at 6.20 pace with a client, but I'll not include that and use it as a cool down)
Got another free hour soon after so decided to head down to Vic on the Park Pool as i knew i couldn't make town today and replicated the lunchtime session that Pete had drawn up that was 10 x 100s & 5 x 200s - Loads tougher today by myself without the help of anyone and also in a slower pool but managed to get through it OK holding all the 100s below 1.41 and the 200s @ 3.32
2.2ks done in total.
I see another bloody tempo session is on the cards for the Tuesday with the boys, not sure i can be bothered in truth so may fit in my own set of 8 x 1k reps in the park early.

Had an enjoyable afternoon on Saturday down at the footy stadium checking out Sydney F.C - Think i picked the right match to attend with them destroying Durante's brothers team Wellington. Del Piero was outstanding and 3 of his 4 goals were class and would  have been good in ANY standard played. Small crowd and very little atmosphere i thought but Slim Sammy Agnew (complete with his 4 boys) loved it as he said he felt very much at home and it reminded him of watching his beloved Crystal Palace :)
Got the score way off, as i predicted 2-1, and that Kanser would be 15 late..............He did better then that as he was 90 minutes late, Due to a spit of rain he decided he didn't want to get his hair wet and failed to show.
Many thanks to the Stallion Durante for supplying the days tickets  - much appreciated, and is also good to see him back running with us. ( wont be long before he's smashing us all once more)

Mentioned i run with a few of the boys on Saturday morning, And was very surprised how many of them have a very boring life................As many told me that they read the Trash on a regular bases, Jeet, and even quiet James both commented on it and told me how much they enjoy reading about 'Poor Enda' and please keep it going. Even more comical was listening to Durante at the footy tell me he only reads TWO blogs , Tommy H's and mine , and says ' Well it's only really one Timmy, as i only log on to Tom's so i can get the link to yours, there's no way i want to read about his 2.55ks he does' :)  (I better be careful or else he'll take the link off if he sees that)

Also huge congratulations to HuRTS # 1 Andrew Tucks on his 4th place over in the Hong Kong 100k (walkathon)over the weekend, great effort from him on pretty limited training leading up to him departing Aussie shores last week. Got a full run down and some pictures from my Chinese sources over there and the Trash correspondence  Sum Ting Wong and Mi Hung Lo asked me to post these.

Tucks on part of his 100k walk  - No wonder Elvis is keen to have a bash.

Tucks on Cup of tea number 17 for the day  - And Dave Kane also wants a bash after hearing that :)

Today's Berlin Bound HuRTS members are Chris & Greta Truscott
Chris ( C.T) and Greta ( Gretski ) Truscott
C.T seems to have been around the traps for years and must have doubled the amount of Striders 10ks races that i have ever done, Another class athlete who regularly runs around 32- 33 minute 10ks . Never afraid to put it on the line and as a result does have the odd failure or two. Recently won the 100k Ultra around the park in a fast time ( and no walking either can you believe) and will be sure to be one of the first HuRTS member home come September time. Never one to miss out on a beer or two and has already told me the PB record at the Oktoberfest is 6 steins so I'm sure he's out to demolish that record as well.
Possible he could run sub 2.30 along with Tom , or could go out to hard and struggle to break 2.42 , all will be known come the end of September?
Gretski, Coming back after a few years break and a new baby to the Truscott household. Greta was a very good runner and also keen triathlete and would usually run around the 37-38 mark for 10ks. Just getting back into it now and Berlin will be her first real test in about 2 years, Could go very well if she can find the time to fit all the training in, and has the added BONUS of me offering her FREE drinks and Ice Cream for 12 months if she can beat Enda Stankard home . Already has Tommy H's name on her belt after smashing him at the A.B.C Biathlon a few years back (much to the teams delight, and one we are still talking about).

Chris and Greta Truscott seen at the HuRTS presentation in December alongside Richie High
Next Up - The American Eagle, J - Fen


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