Monday, January 28, 2013

Fires, Floods, and F.A.Cup Drama

A long weekend due to Australia Day on the Saturday and after the killer humidity we had on Saturday the past couple of days has seen nothing but a downpour and a repeat of the floods up in QLD (poor folk, hope the Master is OK up there).
A good couple or days resting therefore doing bugger all expect catching up on all the new DVDS (more on that later), With the constant rain around i gave Kanser a call last night and asked him to help out and join us for a solid hit out early morning. Was looking forward to the cooler change and actually running in the rain for once and Kanser wanted to do a 5k, followed by some 800 reps that suited me fine.
After a little warm up we were off and Kanser despite saying he was going to take it easy was soon ahead, I struggled around in parts especially on the couple of small climbs throughout the 5ks but managed to get through it although not as fast as i was hoping and i may as well give the Chairman the cash now and be done with.  Felt my gluts get tight at the end and when Kanser also complained about his sore calf's we called it quits for the morning, although i did have to do another 6ks with clients as a way of a cool down.
Will get back out in the morning for another 18ks before taking it easy for the remainder of the week after that.
Returned home and signed up for the SMH Half Marathon in May - so i suppose the banter will start up between the boys as we get ready for the Churchill / Sands Trophy rematch. Hopefully the Irish will submit a better team this year around and i know Captain Stankard will be doing everything in his power to get one over us poor English.
I see the S.M.H are using the HuRTS boys as a nice way of promoting the race, seen here is MaccaMcClarnon and Fats last year.

Macca " Hey Fats well done great win, you English boys turned us over again, any chance you can have a word with Timmy to get me into that team next year, I'll sort my passport out by then.
Fats " Yeah wont be a problem and the best of it is - you get FREE drink for the night when we win care of those Men in Green "

What we are running for - the prized Churchill / Sands Cup.

What a weekend also in England with the exciting  F.A Cup continuing and many a upset along the way, with no less then only 7 premiership teams remaining going into the 5th Round. Liverpool dumped out at Oldham, Villa's woes and slide into the Championship go on, Leeds beat Spurs,  as Norwich were also out after going down to non league Luton. Despite taking care of Palace, Moneybags Man City overcame the Britannia Fortress at Stoke to ensure that i don't have to make the trip come in May like two years back.

Fortress Britannia - Home of Stoke as the big crowd battles the snow.

With the wet weather over the weekend it gave me the chance to catch up on the latest DVDs on the market sent over by my Thai brothers - DVD men Deng & Dithaker. And with Kanser's blog down ( tell he's not running well ) it looks like I'll have to give the old review myself.
Here's 5 -

Hitchcock - Film on the influential filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and his long suffering wife based on the making of the classic Psycho. Average film for me to be honest and if it wasn't for the fine acting of Hopkins and Helen Mirren it probably wouldn't have got the accolades it has got. Although the eye candy of Scarlett Johansson made it even more appealing
5 popcorn's out of 10.

Lincoln,  Based on U.S President Abraham Lincoln at the time of the Cival War and his attempts to abolish slavery. I love Daniel Day-Lewis and think he is a fine actor that quiet rightly deserves his Oscar nomination for this part, unfortunately it wasn't my kind of film, although J-Fen will probably love it being American, To long winded for me and seemed to go on forever
4 popcorn's out of 10 for this one.

Argo. - Actually saw this a few weeks back, A great movie this one with Ben Affleck staring that will keep you gripped with the fine story and acting right up until the end.
8.5 popcorn's out of 10 for this one.

The Impossible - Must say really enjoyed this one as it gives a true account of a family caught up in one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time over in Thailand. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor star in this must see movie.
9 popcorns out of 10 - Go see it or give me a call for a copy.

Silver Linings Playbook. Bradley Cooper plays Pat who after a stint in a mental institution, moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own.
Best movie of the year so far for me and a great support part played by the ever impressible Robert De Niro
9.5 popcorn's out of 10 - excellent.

So we've seen the fires across Sydney and Melbourne, Floods north of the boarder, Movie reviews and Stoke exiting the F.A Cup on a busy weekend............ BUT, wait there's more, Enda has been bombarding me with Hard Hitting News from his hometown that he has asked me to share with the readers. Is he for real?
This is Irish News at its very best,!/photo.php?v=135432809951290&set=vb.388071227942020&type=2&theater

Berlin Guy
Renaud Herington (aka Rene, Allo Allo)
Not much is known about Rene in truth but anytime i see him around normally in the Park he always has time for a chat and always has a smile to go with it. Had the misfortune of going to New York in November last year only for the late cancellation. Was straight in when Berlin was being finalised and is another that makes running seem easy. Again not raced against him much but what i can see is that he will keep Kanser more then honest over 42ks and a 2.42 wont be far away.
Does not train much with the HurTS team throughout the week, preferring to concentrate on his TV career as he portrays French owner Rene Artois from the classic British Sitcom
Hope just like Bartles  i hope he is not overawed by the over the top antics of Stankard/ Kane and Highnam once we get to Berlin, although if he brings his partner it should keep him more then happy.
Like Tom with his Singapore Larger Ladies, Kane with his Irish Ginga Females and Enda with his Thai Ladyboys - Rene  has his fetish for Eastern European Ladies, Each to there own i say........ And if that's the case then Rene may just be my best mate once we get to Berlin :)

Rene seen here standing to the right of a drunken Chairman at the HuRTS presentation - time 6.52pm

Rene to the right of 'UnderAchiever' Charlie, with his wife/partner extreme left.

..... and doing his day job :)


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