Friday, January 18, 2013

It's all about the Bike.

A few cancellations with work this morning meant i was all done early which in turn gave me the chance to get out and run a little with the boys meaning i could also get my long run out the way by mid morning.
Bang on time ( it wouldn't be anything else with Mikey leading the way) i see the boys coming off the hill to complete there first 10k of the morning. Good little group going with Mikey, Quiet James, English Paul, Indrajeet, Mermaid, a few others and a blowing heavy ..... yes you've guessed Enda  Rupert Stankard.
Besides a good chat it was also a pretty good pace on as i knocked out my first (the boys 2nd) 10k in 44.30 (4.26 pace) - bid a farewell to Mikey and Enda at this point as he had his excuse that he had to be home at 9am (probably to water his plants) The pace picked up slightly after this as i was on 4.25 pace for the next 8ks. Started to feel it at 18ks and wasn't sure what would die first me or my Low Battery on the Garmin. Happy to report the watch won out here so i have no idea of pace for the final 7ks of the morning as i ended up with 25ks done.
Watch packed in at 18ks with 80 mins done average 4.25
That's approx 95k for the week since Monday so happy to get the 2nd week of training done and out the way.
No pressure now to do anything tomorrow running wise , i might even venture out for a slow ride on the bike with Enda in the morning.

Just out for an afternoon to watch Sydney F.C play in the footy, Not a big fan to be honest as the standard is very poor in my opinion but The Stallion Durante asked me earlier in the week to go, as they are up against Wellington with his brother Andrew playing he has come good with some tickets for the day. Slim Sammy Agnew, Kanser, Durante and i are all going and i might even get my 1984 Stoke number 7 shirt out of the archives for Del Piero to sign post game for me :)
Timmy's prediction Sydney 2 vs Wellington 1 ( and Kanser to run late.....  and get there 15 minutes after kick off)

Will hold off on the Berlin boys today and will continue on Monday with the only lovey couple to make the trip, Chris and Greta Truscott.

Couldn't finish the daily blog without the mention of perhaps the biggest sporting news in years, and that being the 'Lance' interview with Oprah. Not going to get into it all as it will no doubt cause a lot of anger, hatred and opinions yet again.
There are some very Angry people out there ( and one Angry Man within HuRTS) who has vilified him for years and would line him up and have him shot if it was up to them.  My view (for the 2 pence its worth) is Yes he doped, he cheated, he conned his way to millions etc etc... But really there are many worse people out there in this world who have created far worse and not been subjected to half as much.  After all the whole cycling industry is/was riddled with E.P.O and drugs for years, so it really was a level playing field for a high percentage involved.
I read a good article ( there are many ) on Lance this morning and a paragraph that i thought interesting was ;
" So is it still cheating if everyone involved is cheating? Well Yes; it is against the rules, but rather then excoriating Armstrong wouldn't it be better to ask WHY everyone is cheating and WHY the rules are failing"

A very sordid chapter in the history of sport in my eyes - but if you wish to know more, go and seek out one Angry, big guy from the HuRTS team I'm sure he will explain in great depth, but also tell you that if ANYONE runs well or breaks a World Record then they must also be on the gear :)
On a lighter note, i found this picture best sums it all up.

Lance on his comeback machine :)

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  1. "level playing field" YT?
    Tell that to Bassons or anyone else who didn't choose to cheat.