Tuesday, January 22, 2013

David Englebert Kane (D.E.K)

Out early again this morning and after a 2k warm up i waited for the late arrival (AGAIN) of Kanser for our now regular Midweek Medium Long Run that is 3 x loops of the Woollarha Hill for 6k each time around.
Wasn't really sure (or confident) how i would go this morning after yesterdays debacle but soon settled down to a comfortable 4.34 pace completing the first loop in 27.13, As the normal with Kanser (he can't help himself) the paced picked up on the 2nd as it then went down to 4.28 per/k. Was still feeling OK at this point and no sooner had the 3rd lap started it was on for all money with Kanser kicking 30, 40 ,even 50 metres ahead despite me upping the pace and running freely as i got it down to 4.17s - unreal
Happy with the way it went today though, covering the 18ks in 78.20 average for the day 4.26, and then thinking maybe it's not all doom and gloom as reported yesterday.  Kanser is getting stronger though and i think this could be the end of our Midweek runs as he is simply to fast and i might need to give Enda a call and team back up with him on a more sedate pace.
Will be back out for the HuRTS session tomorrow lunchtime , Think its back to Rushcutters? ( What its not another Tempo? ) for some 800s.

I see the Chairman Tommy H has opened up his blog and taken a serve on yours truly, by setting up a Court of Public Opinion on our 3 minute bet for Homebush. Fair enough i say - i am more then happy to put it out there and listen to the views of all. The only problem i can see so far is the only people who have responded just about sums it all up ...........Both Irishmen Kane and Stankard, well i rest my case :) If anybody with a shred of credibility wrote in then perhaps i would pay attention but Kane and Stankard,......... Please!
I on the other hand have been inundated with support and advise not to crumble under the pressure of the High Flyer's and stand firm on the 3.30 handicap start, as the majority reckon Tommy H will run 33.54 and i will be around 37.30. in which case its game on ?????
Tom stuck a photo of good old Alfie Garnett on his blog (great show by the way) , but it got me thinking that with his latest trend in trying to 'Rip me off' he reminds me of the Legendary 'Arthur Daley' a lovable rogue from back in the 80s TV show Minder - always looking for a scam or looking for the latest 'earner'

Tom 'Arthur Daley' Highnam - looking for little earn.

Today's Berlin Guy - Kanser

David Englebert Kane (D.E.K ) or Kanser to his mates.
Dave Kane is Mr Marathon to the HuRTS team, Knows just about everything about the 42ks except how to run a good one (or so Tom Highnam says). Standing joke around the traps and its not to dissimilar to Mikey's sub 35 minute efforts that Kanser has never run a good race despite having done plenty. Some even say he never will and he is Mentally Fragile when it comes do it ?????
Anyway Kanser has the runs on the board in various other races with great times in 10ks and an even better PB in the Half (73 mins) Will go to any lengths to find a short 10k race and has been known to fly to Ireland one year to complete in the Ballykissangle 9.46ks to get a good time.
When it comes to training though Kanser is never shy and will always put the relevant training in when needed and has been a regular training partner of mine over the years in and around the park.
What will he run Berlin in ??? Well, that's the 'Million Dollar Question' question, Potentially has the ability to run a 2.38 in my eyes but if i am honest i predict he will run a 2.41:55. (Enda says he wont break 2.50- a little harsh if you ask me ).
One thing i am sure of though is that Davy boy will have everything covered and give himself every chance, reading every marathon book ever written, phoning his 'Bestie' David Criniti for advice etc etc..
Besides all the hard training we do, Kanser would be the one guy outside of the group that i would see more then anyone as he loves a beer or two and i am a frequent visitor around the 'House of Kane's on Sunday mornings when the 'Good Wife" (Liv) dishes up a mean fry up after our long runs.
Not many of you would know this but  Kanser's middle name is Englebert, As his mother was a big fan of the old English crooner Engelbert Humperdinck (Please Release Me fame from the 60s). - Little would Kanser know in the years to come his initials would be D.E.K .............His Hero ( Dek Costello)

Kanser in full flow Sydney Half Marathon 2012.

Striders 10k - Lane Cove looking very focused.

 A happy Kanser with his partner ....Sorry i mean Good friend Dave Uncle Criniti, Canberra 2012.

Kanser with Stars in his Eyes' listening in on every word from Dek Costello.

.. and this may be a worry when we hit Munich, Kanser looking the worse for wear and he's only on his first pint, (I pity poor Charlie who will be sharing a room with him ) :)


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  1. I wouldn't put it past Kanser smashing everyone at Berlin just to show the Germans how good the Irish are at running and drinking.