Saturday, December 3, 2016

St Peters Park Run - 18.29 4th

A break in work and I managed to get myself over to St Peters in time for the Worlds toughest Park Run to get a solid hit out done. No one that I knew really except for 'Buzz' Keith Hong and once the gun went I found myself in with a leading group of 4 as we all went through the first 1K in about 3.30 pace. The front 3 just got away before the hill and after my performance on 'Everest' a fortnight back I was keen to put in a stronger effort as I feared the camera may be lurking at any time. No problems this time around though although I did spot the camera on the 'down' part of the hill that once again didn't do me any favours. Pace dropped off slightly around the 3.5k mark and then I had the leading female in 5th overall come up and try to get away that I wasn't having a bar of and was happy to tuck in with her as we had to endure the slower runners for the last 1k that seems to slow everything down who were still on the first lap.
Got a bit of a hurry on with 500m to go and got away that saved me the indignity of getting 'Chicked' for the morning and was happy enough to hold out for 4th overall crossing the line in 18.29
Not a bad effort is I suppose especially for this time of the year and after a massive Thursday evening, and will be happy to keep it ticking over for the next few weeks during the busy festive period.

Out tonight with the Taffy Lad to help him celebrate his birthday over a few beers so it looks like the Sunday long run will be in doubt once again.

In the footy, Stoke are on a roll so once again get the cash on them for another 3 points when they take on Burnley at the home of football.
Timmy's Tip - Stoke 2 v Burnley 0

Few Pics from Thursday.

Mass start
Looks like the Chairman was using me as his pacer ?
Group shot.
Post race drinks with 'Golds', Renee, Jerome, Jack 'The Lad' and Eastside Elle.
Celebrating Taffy's Birthday with Vic's and Jac.
As always with Taffy, things then start getting out of control.
Good to see 'The Wildman' Stevie T back in town.
Although he did bring with him the Worst Haircut seen at HuRTS since Sammy Aggers effort 4 years ago.
Doesn't look like those birthday drinks helped the Taffy Lad much for his training on the Saturday?
Crossy Lad trying to give me a few swimming tips at the pool on Friday .
St Peters Park Run on the downhill heading for home to stop the clock in 18.29


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