Sunday, December 11, 2016

St Peters Park Run 18.03 - 4th Overall

A spare hour so it was over to St Peters for the 2nd weekend running to give the Park Run another bash. Didn't really see anyone I know but saw the 'geekie' young Asian Lad that normally takes the win as well as one or two others young pups that I knew would be hard to beat.
The boys went out hard and even though I'd gone to hard with a 3.24 first 1K could only find myself sitting in 7th place, Went past a couple soon after before steadying myself for the dreaded hill just before the 2m marker. Although the pace dropped I was over it without that much damage, and then tried to hold it steady from that point. Really dislike the new course as at 4.2ks you then have to try to run through the crowds of the slower runners to get to the finish line. I could see 3rd place guy about 7 seconds ahead and despite him struggling, I must have been as well as I didn't reduce the gap over the final 500m or so.
Happy enough with a 18.03 finish time for 4th overall that was in fact my PB on that course that I'll take. Thought I may have been able to dip under the 18 mark but I can live with 3 seconds and when I head over to the easier (and shorter) Curl Curl Park Run I know I'll be knocking on the door to a 17.30

A few hours of work then a short break before it was over to Waverley Bowling Club for the afternoon care of Sammy J's 40th Birthday Bash - Quality afternoon with a  top showing from the team. Unfortunately our bowls can't match our running ability with some very ordinary displays on show. Taffy was just crap, Jac's spent more time in the gutter, whilst Birchy  had a beer lined up at each end and just got hammered, with J-Fen the best of a bad bunch.
Good to catch up with Mikey Conway again for a top afternoon and special thanks to Sammy and Olivia for hosting and bringing it all together.
Will post pics tomorrow

Its going to be hot day tomorrow with 36 degrees planned so will head out early morning and lined up Birchy to help out with some 1k reps..


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