Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More Swimming

Struggled early doors and was more than happy to hit the pool again for a few laps although it certainly wasn't easy as I joined Crossy Lad for a 2k hit out.
A warm up then a series of 400s, 50s and 200s to get the required distance and basically just sat on Crossy's feet the whole way (except when he put the hammer down on a few reps and left me for dead)
Tough enough but felt 100 times better when its all done, and really enjoying the swimming again at the moment even if its not that fast.

Crossy Lad was all excited today (he must have had some good news?) and he couldn't finish the year without the customary 'selfie' that he loves so much. He's gone all fancy now  bringing down his crayons and etch a sketch doodle to enhance his portraits. Getting worried about that man.

Finding it tough at the moment for running to find any motivation but really need to get out at sometime tomorrow to turn the legs over.

With 'Mr Selfie' and swim partner Andy Cross.


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