Friday, December 16, 2016

St Peters Park Run - 18.05 6th Overall

What with excessive heat earlier in the week then 48 hours of continual rain it turned out to be a pretty lazy week with nothing to shout home about training wise except that I kept the swimming up throughout.
Great start to the weekend though as I managed to get my first clients down to Clovelly Beach where we did plenty of swimming that saw the best part of 1800m done before shooting over for another Park Run at St Peters, Saw Mikey L (winner) Hipster Chris and Cialis from the team on what was already a hot and humid morning even by start time.
Felt good this morning and thought we'd put it on the line a bit more to see where I was at and pushed (stupidly I suppose) the 1st K in 3.19. The dreaded hill comes before the completion of the 2nd but still moving well as I'm over the top just under the 7 minute marker. Try to hold the pace on the way down all the while bringing the heart rate back to a reasonable level. 3ks done and from here the wheels basically fell off, 3 to 4 it was the 'horrors', slight rise on the course and I thought I'd taken a wrong turn and headed up the hill again it felt that tough. Then at the 4.2k mark you have the added burden of getting through the slower runners as I tried to lift for one final time.
Clocked ticked just over 18 minutes again with a similar time to last weeks effort with an 18.05 recorded for the day (18.03 last week)
Happy enough, but was on for sub 18 easily and should have managed it today just needed to keep it honest on that 4th K and I was home, but unfortunately it wasn't to be.
K splits were 3.19, 3.37, 3.31, 3.51, 3.36
18.05 Ave 3.35s

Might head over to Curly Curly next week if time permits and take the easy option to get back in the 17 minute time frame on a flatter, shorter course. Hell, its Christmas anyway about time I rewarded myself.

Big weekend yet again, Stoke entertain the league premiers from last season Leicester at The Brit that's sure to be a thriller. Get on the Potters once more to take the full 3 points. I know Tommy H has won a fortune following my past 2 selected correct scores and he's already been on the phone wanting to see where he's putting his hard earned this week.
Timmy's Tip - Stoke 2 v Leicester 1

Also back in town is good mate Slim Sammy Agnew with wife and footy mad kids, can't wait to catch up with him to dish out some stick about his 'Tin Pot' Palace boys who continue to struggle. Can't believe he's gone all quiet on the footy talk?
Still we'll sort him out no doubt over a few ales even if I do have to venture to the 'Dark Side' of town to do it. My other goal will be to convert just one of his boys to be a STOKE FAN before he heads back to London.... shouldn't be too difficult.

Have a great weekend.
Train well, stay safe

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