Sunday, May 7, 2017

Back with Sunday Long Run - 24ks

Felt pretty good after yesterday and with a  rare night at home for a Saturday I woke even earlier that saw me head to the park in plenty of time for what was to be my first Sunday long run in ages.
Managed to sneak in a flat lap (4ks) before joining Elzy, Laura, Rich Large, Jacqueline, Nick, Neil Branagon Brothers and Craig Wiseman for the usual 6k loop out of the park.
Pace pretty easy to start but once back at the café where we collected Leechy and Birchy (sober) I noticed the pace quicken. Once I saw a 4.28 soon after I made the call to pull back and wait for Birchy, Craig and Jac as did Eoin. Far more civilized pace thereafter as the pace dropped to around 4.42.
20k done as we got back to the café that left one more flat loop and Craig decided he wanted a faster pace to finish that we left him to do solo that left Leech, Jacqueline and I to meander holding the same to see out 24ks in total in 1hr52:30 averaging 4.44s
Really enjoyed the morning and nice to be back out knocking out the longer Sunday runs again, and really is something I need to do on a regular bases if I'm to get my running back on track
One thing I don't really enjoy though is how the group splits, this morning was a classic example with no less than about 4 'mini' groups doing the same route. The Shire girls were well ahead in one, Branagon's in another, Rich Large & Nick in the 3rd whilst the rest brought up the rear despite still running a steady 4.42 pace
The whole purpose of these Sunday long runs is that its gives everyone the chance to run together and enjoy the company that we don't get when we do our speed work throughout the week, if not then sadly those unable to run sub 40 minute 10ks simply won't bother to turn up.

Enjoyed a post run coffee with The Leech, Birchy, Jacqueline, Neil not before getting the photo of the day care of Craig Wiseman.  Poor Craig made the rather silly remark that his Scottish boys would turn England over in the recent 6 nations where a $20 bet was wagered.
Only one outcome really

A $20 collect from the Sweaty Craig Wiseman.


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