Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rushcutters 400s

Standard 3k swim at PAP first up and it must have been the easiest 60 laps completed on the bases that.
a, training partners were on recovery week following Ironman on the weekend
b, I was in the trusty wetsuit once again that makes it so so easy.
Pretty uneventful but happy to be able to keep the mileage up in the pool.

Cycled into the city at lunch and met a small group at the Art Gallery for the jog over to Rushcutters for the 10 x 400m session. Enjoyed a much overdue chat with Laura who I was delighted to see back running with us once again.
Barts was the main man today but apart from Jerome, Marko Branagan and perhaps Mikey L there wasn't much else on show and I was more than happy to find an ally to work with in 'The Mouth' Brendan (who's actually a decent bloke when he stops his shite banter)
Rolled around with him on my shoulder for the first coming in on 73 before the order was reversed for the 2nd recording the same time. Held the same pace for much of the session although I was starting to feel the pace once the 7th lap was complete. Lost it on the 8th but dug in to finish with the same time as what we started with.

Times. 73, 73, 73, 73, 73, 74, 74, 75, 74, 73 

Happy with that and another solid enough week, just need to make sure I get out on Saturday morning and more important the Sunday long run this week.
Enjoyed a cool down back to the city with Brendan (my new best mate) and J.C (who was still too knackered to even offer as much as a sledge at anytime)

Another bet confirmed last night when I had Taffy2 - Craig pestering me for a Gold Coast Half wager. He tried to rort my recently for Canberra (with +6.30) but I won't get done again and agreed to give him 4 minutes (still very generous on my part, but hey... )

 Will be back to the pool tomorrow, lined up Crossy Lad, let’s just pray he's changed Mary's underwear.




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