Monday, November 28, 2016

3,2,1 Fartlek (60 seconds recovery) x 3

A change of start area today beginning at the O.P.T for the fartlek session that is 3,2,1 minute efforts x 5.
Worked around to Barangaroo to the turnaround with Stevie P, Jeet and Frenchman Dom with each of us pushing the pace throughout. Was going to aim for 4 of the 5 reps but when I got back to the start area on completion of the 3rd I thought that would do me for the day.
Just over 7ks for the 27 minutes averaging 3.50s
1st rep in 3.47s
2nd rep in 3.50
3rd rep in 3.51

Had a chat with Laura and The Leech once done as both had the same idea I had and pulled the pin after 3.
Cool down back through the city got me to over 12ks including the longer run down.


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