Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pardew OUT .

After the events from Friday and Saturday it was hardly surprising to see I never made the Sunday long run yesterday, so was out early this morning for a kind of make up run. Still feeling the effects I decided to keep it simple and that 3 x flat loops of 3.7ks would suffice with the aim to pick up the pace on each lap.
Felt shocking the first lap and bucket loads of sweet emerged even though I was only sitting around 4.45 pace. Got slightly easier on the 2nd lap and somehow I even found more to end with as I managed to get the pace down to 4,15s
Times and pace for each 3.7 loop.
17.21 @ 4.43s
16.31 @ 4.30s
15.40 @ 4.16s
49.34 all up for 11.1ks ave 4.30

Down to PAP for a dip on a stunner of a day and knocked out 1k before Crossy Lad, Pete and Champ joined in. Real struggle to hold any sort of pace but managed to hold onto Champ for some 200 sets and then did likewise with Crossy on the shorter 100s
2.3ks all up.

The title of today's blog is in reference to good mate Slim Sammy Agnew and his team Crystal Palace.  More to the point the manager Alan Pardew.  The Tin Pot team is in absolute free fall and its time the 'classless' Pardew got his marching orders. 12 months of utter trash and its hard to believe they were sitting about 7th this time last year. It must be bad as Sammy Aggers has gone all quiet on me and I've not heard a sound from him in ages? Very fickle fans I say and they only seem to sing when they are winning.
Stoke on the other hand just seem to be going from strength to strength and it seems everyone has now gone quiet on all the 'Hughes OUT' and Stoke to get relegated campaign.
When will these boys start to give us some credit I say?

Few more pics from the 'guzzlers' at the HuRT Beer Mile

Female Champ Jac and Billy Batt.
Barts struggled to get the beers down.
Killa showing us how it's done.
Eastside Elle surprised many.
Charlie put in another solid effort for 3rd
English lass Gemma was good enough for 2nd and put away 4 cans better than I could.
The less said about my effort the better.
But nice that Bookie's 'Timmy & Tommy' collected a ton from Barts when he took the 12/1 odds.


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  1. Timmy your Christmas present will be the opportunity to berate me in person.