Monday, November 21, 2016

McKay Oval 10 x 400s

Monday. Had to work but timed it that I finished just in time to find a big group coming through at the Opera House gates so tagged along. Plenty of chat with Tommy H and Enda mostly about the upcoming Beer Mile, and Tom in particular seems concerned, that bad in fact he's telling everyone he's going to start 24hrs earlier on his blog? I got around to Barangaroo and I'd heard enough so cut it short and cruised back through the city with Jac for an easy 12ks all up.

Tuesday. With tops expected to hit 35 degrees I took the early morning option and stayed in the park after work to get my session done. Saw Kanser and Birchy flying around the oval, and both are starting to hit a little form. I wasn't really sure what session to do, so went with something short and sharp and one that I could easily get my head around - 10 x 400s (rolling every 2 mins).
Was warm enough by the time I started and struggled through it in truth and i was barely hitting the line on each rep as the pace seemed to fade about 80m out every time.
Happy to see it through though with the fastest only 74 and slowest 78s
Times. 74, 76, 77, 76, 76, 76, 78, 77, 77, 74

Bloody hot day so the best place to spend the afternoon was to check out the latest flick at the movies. Reckon I've seen the movie of the year in doing so, Maybe biased but its an English one set up in Tommy H's part of the world in Newcastle. Called I, Daniel Blake and centres around Daniel a middle aged Geordie carpenter who's taken a few recent set backs one of which has him suffering a heart -attack which deems him unfit for work. We then witness the hurdles we see him jump through as he tries to make good. Its a cracker, it will make you laugh, cry and even make you bloody angry about how the British system fails its people. Its a typical Ken Loach movie that is raw, honest and emotional.
Movie of the Year, get out and check it out. As an added bonus you even get the chance to see what a dump the Newcastle area is like.
5 boxes of popcorn out of 5.

Tomorrow , rest day but I'll be posting all the odds and how i think Friday's Beer Mile will unfold.


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