Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Timmy's Hills & 5/3k Tempo Combo

Pool early and knocked out 2.6ks in total, really struggled after a few weeks break and was just happy to be able to get it done.

Into the city at lunch for the toughest set on record, Timmy's Hill and 5k tempo set around the Domain. I knew I wasn't really up for it but still was keen to head in all the same to give it a go. Decent turnout as well with the Barts', Crossy Lad, Nicky Roberts, Fats all leading from the front with Tommy H happy to run pretty much at my pace. Felt the pace pretty early and when Tom asked for a time check and I saw only 7 minutes I was ready to pack it in. Chipped away though and happy to get through the 20 minutes working around 4.26 pace .
A quick recovery before setting off for the tempo leg of the session and once more sat in with Tom and few others going past the pool at 1k in 3.48. Dropped slightly on the hill section coming back and had already decided before starting that 3ks would be my limit for the day. Returned to the Stone Gates in 11.30, love to say it was at 3.50 pace but it was slightly short so it actually worked out more 3.55s
Happy enough to get through the weeks training, after all it's only been 10 days since the marathon.

Massive night on the cards this evening with the HuRTS Oscars taking place down in the Rocks at Hero of Waterloo drinking hole. Expecting a big turnout and will be interesting to see who takes home the bling this year.
I have given my views on who should and who will win tip honours(personal views only)
Performer. Should Win. Tom Highnam. Will win Tom Highnam. Missed out so many times but this surely is his year, and will be well deserved.
Female. Should Win. Erika Will win, Erika. Top girl for a few years now and her Melb Half was top notch.
Improver. Should win. Toby, Will win. Brendan Fehon. Made  big gains this year both the boys and this could go either way.
Spirit. Should Win. Jerome Will win Tommy H . Jerome has really settled with the team over the past 12 months and always willing to help out. Tom will take it on the bases more people know him over the years.
Under Achiever. Should win, Kanser. Will win. Lindop. Kanser done bugger all for years now but always keeps a low profile and not many of the new guys know him. Will go to Lindop as I feel a stitch up is on the cards. Be hell to play if so.
Walker of the Year - Who really cares?
Tri - Should Win. Lambert, Will win Pete Walker . Lambo is a regular on the Kona trail every year and always goes well but again no one knows him so I suspect old dog Walker will take tip honours.

Once thing is guaranteed, it will be a fun evening with plenty of banter and sledging flying around, and that Tommy H will NOT see past 8.45pm before being carted out.
Plenty of photos and full round up to come tomorrow.


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