Monday, November 14, 2016

The Return - Stallion Durante is Back

The can tell the big events in town are fast rolling around, and NO it's not even a running race but with this year's HuRTS presentation just around the corner you can bet that one Pie Eating Michael 'The Stallion' Durante will not be far away. Great to see my old mate (and #1 blog reader) back in town and dare I say it looking very fit (Singapore obviously doesn't have a Harry's cafe?) for today's 14 x 3 minute efforts. Big team out that even brought out the likes of Highnam, Stankard, & L.James for a rare Tuesday visit.
Only 8 days out from the marathon I was planning on an easy session and after a good 3k warm up with Jeet down to the start Tommy H got the masses underway. Sat in and cruised the first rep with the Chairman around the 3.40 pace heading out and then slightly faster for the return leg. Pretty much did the same for the next couple before lifting for the 5th & 6th and without getting too carried away was happy to run the final two with Jac alongside Jerome and partner Ash around the 4 minute marker.
8 reps was about right for the day with the pace for each.
3.41, 3.37, 3.40, 3.37, 3.32, 3.32, 4.01. 3.58

A decent cool down with Durante and Jac to complete my first speedy session back.

Pishe Poor Performance of the Day goes to long time HuRTS member Tony Fats. I was giving out to Jeet on the warm up on how poor I thought voting numbers were this year (53 apparently) for presentation evening. Only to get to the Stone Gates for Tony to reveal that he hasn't voted (and worse that he didn't even know when the presentation was). Very poor from one of our senior members and I wasn't backward in letting him know, Still as he's looking after arranging our 'Craft Beer Newtown Tour' it will at least give us something to look forward to in ...... 2019.

As mentioned HuRTS Night of Nights is Thursday and tomorrow I'll be giving my thoughts on who should feature .... good and bad.


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