Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stairs and 5k Tempo T/T with Taffy Boyo in 18.43

Busy morning with work and finally found some time to knock out 20 x stair repeats at Waverley Oval before heading to the park for a very easy 6ks as a means of a warm up, I then caught up with good lad Taffy Jimmy Mathews for a 5k time trial /tempo.
Controlled the pace for the first 1k going through in 3.41 and was looking to hold that for the remaining 4ks, The 3rd K is always tough coming around the Fox Gates area and then the start of the 4th is another rise. Felt the pace dropping slightly but was still holding a steady average of 3.45 throughout and happy to get back to the cafe with 5ks under my belt in 18.43 (ave 3.45)
Splits. 3.41, 3.43, 3.42, 3.49, 3.51
Taffy run well, despite his high mileage he's currently doing for Comrades he was able to run sub 4 min/k in just breaking the 20 minute marker.
A further flat lap easy as a cool down before Birchy joined us for the next hour over coffee and plenty of trash talk.
All up about 15ks plus 20x Stair repeats.

Current footy season is closing in and the big game from the Brit tonight is Stoke vs West Ham, a bit of a nothing game to be honest with both teams just paying out for mid table mediocrity.
Take the Potters to turn the Scrap Dealers over - 2-0

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

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