Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Broken Miles, White fences and swimming week

Tuesday, Cycled into town for a catch up with HuRTS good guy  'Mr Weetbix Kid' aka Renaud, with his injury I've not seen much of him these days and he's always good value when we do catch up. Although he was to spend most of the time trying to get me to lead a HuRTS tour to the Ukraine through some lady named Svetlana for some reason?
Over to the Passenger Terminal after for the HuRTS 1600m broken Mile reps (1k On,300m OFF,300 ON) Smaller team out with only Scotty O, Special Q and Crossy Lad leading from the front. I felt tired even before the start but surprised myself that I was able to hold sub 3.30s on the 1k for all 4 reps. Run the reps alongside Stevie P, Kev Branagan and Dicky Large for the first 3 and just when I thought I was struggling Enda appears from out the bushes and helps me out on the final rep.
Times for the 4 were.
5.42 (ave 3.34)
5.34 (ave 3.29)
5.45 (ave 3.36)
5.42 (ave 3.34)

Perhaps the longest warm down in history with Enda as we headed back around the O.H into the Domain back up to the Stone Gates.

Wednesday. Met up with Crossy Lad for a return to the pool after a forced break with a head cold last week. Didn't want anything hard but with Crossy he doesn't know anything different. Sets of 200s and 100s was the go and even struggling I was able to hold 3.17-3.18s for each (Crossy 3.09 - 3.10)
Managed to fit in 1900m before I had to make a hasty retreat into the city.

Basically a repeat of the week before with the Chairman Tommy H. Headed out to Rushcutters then up Ocean St into the park. Decided on a faster tempo flat loop that saw the pace kick down to close on 3.53s before retracing our steps back.
Was absolutely rooted, but it was an enjoyable run with 'H' and I returned back to my bike with 14.7k done averaging a decent 4.39s

Thursday. No swimming last week and today I was wishing I was anywhere else but the pool. everything was sore and had no interest in what lay ahead.
Luckily I was spared more pain then I had to with an easier set that just had me getting the head down and tapping it out.
Loved the company BUT hated every one of the 60 laps covered
3ks all done and the coffee never tasted better once I was back in Erko.

Big weekend coming up for Easter, few drinks tonight, and heading out to see English band Madness once again on Saturday. Super night, and a guaranteed fun night ahead. Just for Tommy H as I know he loves this and can't get it out of his head and will be singing all Easter.

In the footy , Stoke have gone off the boil the past 4 weeks BUT will get back to winning ways on Saturday when they give Hull a thumping.
Timmy Tip - Stoke 3 v Hull 0

Have a great Easter.
Train well and stay safe

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