Thursday, April 27, 2017

Monna Fartlek

Coldest morning of the year and wasn't keen on the Thursday swim but battled away to do the usual 3ks in total that saw me working hard for 400m efforts and then cruising 300m easy.
Still wrecked by the time I jumped out to enjoy my mornings coffee and Turkish bread.

Lunchtime into the city but was running late that saw me miss the HuRTS session, lucky enough to have old mate Enda out though who kindly joined me for a repeat session of what we missed that was Monna Fartlek. Decided to do from the Passenger Terminal and around the Wharfs retracing our steps at the half way marker.
Don't mind this session as its over very fast (20 mins) and I'm able to hold pace for the shorter reps of 90/60/30 seconds.
5.25ks done in the 20 minutes that worked out averaging close to 3.50s
A good cool down back around the Quay and Opera House and happy to be able to fit a session in on what was a busy day.


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